Monday, January 12, 2009

Membership and Rankings

I am currently attempting to compile a current list of active Saltare members and determine their rank based on the number of dances they can teach. I would appreciate all interested members sending me that information by either commenting on this post, sending a message to the Saltare Yahoo group, or directly emailing me (

--the Proctor


  1. Greetings.

    Does this mean, that those of us, who were on a Previous Members list, will have to reapply to be back on the list?

    What about members that have become inactive, but wish to be active again?

    Thank you.

    Lady L.S.

  2. I don't want everyone to have to "re-qualify". In fact, you don't have to "move up" through the ranks. If you can teach 20 dances, you have a master rating. I just need to *know* how many dances you can teach to update the rolls.

    I have a list of ranked members that dates back to around 2002. If you're already listed, you don't have to send me anything to verify how many dances you can teach; I can just find your name on the previous list.